About Jessica

What led you to a job at Zipline Interactive? 
The team is like no other! It’s no secret that the owners and staff at Zipline are the best around. It has always been important to me that I work with dedicated professionals who are committed to producing only the highest quality work. There’s no better place than Zipline to grow your digital marketing career. I love it here! 

Do you believe Al Gore invented the Internet? 
Yes, he absolutely did. His other great accomplishment is his crusade to destroy ManBearPig. If you don’t know who ManBearPig is, he’s half man, half bear and half pig. 

What is your favorite part of working in digital advertising? 
Because digital advertising is always evolving, I have countless opportunities to embrace new experiences. Every campaign is another chance to utilize the latest and greatest tools. It’s a challenge to stay on top of how quickly the digital world moves, but that means it’s always fresh! 

Outside of digital advertising, what is your dream job? 
My goal is to one day start a nonprofit to help people pay for veterinary care. No one should have to be forced to make a dreadful decision about their pets health simply because they can’t afford medical care. I hope that in the future I can ensure that pets stay with their families, happy and healthy! 

What is your favorite thing about working at Zipline? 
The people! I couldn’t find a more fun group if I tried. The office is always full of laughs and good times. Even though we have the option to work outside of the office, everyone comes in to hang out together anyway. We’ve got a great team here. 

What do you do when you’re not at work? 
I paint, play video games and watch trivia shows. Woohoo! I know, I’m so adventurous. I’m really into learning new things, so I spend a lot of time brushing up on global news, current events, pop culture happenings, etc. I have a very strict personal code: I must learn at least 3 new, non-work related things each day. 

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? 
Moved on a whim to Washington! I grew up in Texas, but got tired of the sweltering heat after a couple of decades. I had always wanted to move to the west coast, but I lacked a logical reason to uproot myself. In 2012 I decided that just wanting to move was a good enough reason. So I did! It was the best decision I ever made. 

What is something most people don’t know about you? 
I’m adopted! Adoption is a cause I care a great deal about. I’m so blessed to have been adopted at birth by two of the most amazing parents around. 

What is your favorite TV show or movie? 
The Office. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, it’s always funny. 

Who is your idol? 
Robin Williams. Despite all of his personal struggles, he was able to bring so much laughter and joy to the world. Even though he’s gone, he continues to make people smile. Cheers to that!

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