Account-Based Marketing

Directly target handpicked prospects with laser-focused marketing campaigns.

What is Account-Based Marketing?


Most B2B marketing campaigns are designed to appeal to the widest audience possible. These types of lead generation campaigns use a variety of marketing strategies to target, attract, and convert as many prospects as possible. Account-based marketing (ABM) flips traditional lead generation on its nose. Instead of targeting the entire market, we will work with you to create laser-focused marketing campaigns that target the exact companies and organizations you want to do business with.


Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Is A Great Fit If You...


What Types Of Companies Is Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Perfect For?

Account-based marketing is the perfect solution for companies and organizations that are looking to target and build relationships with high-value prospects and accounts. If you sell high-dollar or high-touch products or have a finite target audience, ABM can be the perfect solution to help you talk directly with your ideal prospects.

How Our B2B Account-Based Marketing Program Works

Locate Ideal Prospects
Step 1: Locate Ideal Prospects
Utilizing elements such as past sales data, business intelligence, corporate goals and objectives, and existing prospect databases, we will work together with your sales and marketing teams to identify a target list of high-value prospect accounts. We will then dive deeper into each account building strategic lists of contacts within these target accounts who are likely possible influencers toward a purchasing decision.
Locate Ideal Prospects
Create Personalized Messaging
Step 2: Create Personalized Messaging
Leveraging the ideal prospect list, our team will help craft hyper-personalized messaging, engineered to speak directly to the needs and desires of each individual contact as well as thoroughly address the business needs and objectives of the account as a whole.
Create Personalized Messaging
Select Marketing Channels
Step 3: Select Marketing Channels
This personalized messaging will then be shared with your ideal prospects using a combination of digital marketing strategies including email, content, web, social, print, direct outreach, and paid advertising. Each contact will be directly targeted through a range of channels over an extended period of time, creating lasting brand awareness and message recall.
Select Marketing Channels
Measure, Learn, And Iterate
Step 4: Measure, Learn, And Iterate
Every message and touchpoint will be tracked. The insights gained will be used to enhance and improve the messaging and refine the audience. Audience interactions and engagements will also be tracked, providing your sales team with real-time data into a prospect’s current level of interest and engagement.
Measure, Learn, And Iterate

Account-Based Marketing Is One Element Of A Full Funnel B2B Marketing Program

At Zipline, we have a variety of B2B marketing programs. Whether you’re looking for simple lead generation, want to increase brand awareness among your prospects, or want to laser-target strategic accounts, we can develop a custom strategy that will help you maximize your success.


Account-Based Marketing

Land high-value leads by targeted prospects with laser-focused marketing.

Demand Generation

Create an insatiable demand for your products and services.

Inbound Marketing

Use a variety of content and resources to attract the attention of your prospects.

Strategic Lead Generation

Fill your sales pipeline with a steady flow of leads through targeted marketing.

Not sure how to start? Let’s create a B2B Marketing Blueprint

If you’re looking for a fresh B2B marketing strategy but aren’t quite sure where to start, the B2B Marketing Blueprint is the perfect place to begin. This highly personalized experience connects your sales, marketing, and leadership teams directly with our top strategists. During this 2-week experience, we will work together to analyze current data, identify key opportunities, and bust through any roadblocks holding you back. 

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