A new modern website for the historic Hutton Settlement

Hutton Settlement was founded by Levi Hutton. Levi was orphaned at the age of 6. As a child, Levi ne...

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L’il Back Bracer increases sales with a move to Shopify

L'il Back Bracer is one of the most interesting products we've helped to market here at Zipline. Th...

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A new BigCommerce site for Alaska’s famous Copper River Fleece

Alaska's famous Copper River Fleece was born and raised in Cordova, a charming coastal Alaskan fishi...

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A new patient centric website experience for Whitmore Dental

Dr. Marc Whitmore is a well known and accomplished dental care expert who partners with his patients...

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Order flowers fresh from the farm on the new Shopify website for Bouquet in a Box

The process of ordering flowers online is actually quite scary. You never know what you’re goi...

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The KutzEZ™ is now available online thanks to a brand new Zipline designed Shopify store

KutzEZ™ is a fantastic new all-purpose cutting tool that will allow you to safely open a varie...

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A brand new “brand” and website for AAF Spokane

AAF Spokane (American Advertising Federation Spokane) has been supporting the Spokane advertising co...

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TrustPoint Products launches with a cool new product and a cool new website

TrustPoint Products was founded in 2014 by Mike Standlee. Mike is well known for his role in foundin...

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Quanta Subsurface chooses Zipline for new responsive website

Quanta Subsurface is a division of Quanta Services (NYSE: PWR), a leading provider of specialized co...

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Learn how Zipline helped the folks at VMRD consolidate a network of websites into a single, seamless online experience.

VMRD develops and manufactures veterinary diagnostic test kits and related reagents for distribution...

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Ventry Solutions is saving time and reaching new customers with Shopify.

Founded in 1972, Ventry Solutions manufactures a wide range of fan and lighting products designed to...

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ShePax™ gets a new custom Shopify theme with the help of Zipline Interactive

ShePax™ was born out of true need. Janet Lee Sheriff, the creator of ShePax™ developed the idea...

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