Golf in the NW expands its territory and website

Golf in the NW is a comprehensive guide for the courses of Washington, Idaho, Western Montana, NE Oregon and SE British Columbia. The Northwest region features award winning golf courses and multiple municipal and county courses, and is rated one of the best value golf areas in the country. Golf in the Northwest aims to help its visitors connect with these fantastic courses, as well as with the many world-class lakes, rivers, mountains, restaurants, lodging, luxurious day spas, wineries, bike trails and local activities throughout the region; making it a one stop shop for anyone planning a visit to the Northwest. The new site is particularly useful for those planning a golf outing in the region.

Golf in the Northwest

The Golf in the NW platform launched several years ago with a focus primarily on the Inland Northwest. As traction for the platform grew, the Golf in the NW team constantly received inquiries asking for a wider sampling of the Pacific Northwest, and in 2017 this expansion became a reality. The new Golf in the NW online experience covers all of Washington and many of the surrounding states and provinces. The new iteration of the Golf in the NW platform also introduces an entirely new mobile experience that makes planning a trip from your phone or tablet easier and more streamlined.

The Golf in the NW platform is powered by Zipline’s ZLCMS system. The ZLCMS is a robust content management system and development framework rolled into one lightweight package. The powerful ZLCMS makes it quick and easy for the Golf in the NW team to keep the website up-to-date, while also giving our development team the tools necessary to build a robust search and filtering system that includes exciting features like dynamic location pairing, geolocation, and AI based recommendations.

One of the cool and unique things about Golf in the NW website is how it leverages AI and machine learning techniques to understand and learn from visitors. Every course, venue, and hotel is tagged with key information by the administrator. This information provides a baseline of data, but as users engage the website, the site learns and improves its recommendations. By collecting and analyzing pattern data from hundreds or thousands of visitors, the new Golf in the NW website can understand what courses and other opportunities would be a good combination for the user. This simple suggestive behavior makes booking the perfect trip a breeze!

The new Golf in the NW website is online. Check it out today and get your next golf trip booked! I hear British Columbia is beautiful this time of year.

Ryan Stemkoski

Ryan Stemkoski

Ryan is a Creative Technologist at Zipline Interactive. He has over 15 years of experience planning, designing, developing, deploying, and marketing websites and mobile applications for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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