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Branching out and starting your own law firm is always a scary endeavor. You put in years developing skills and experience, building a reputation, and preparing to make the giant leap of faith required for business ownership. Always in your mind is the nagging fear, will there be enough work? That is why smart attorneys like Evan Marken plan ahead. He has the experience of representing hundreds of clients across Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and California, but is that enough? The answer is almost certainly no. If you want to grow your firm like Evan, then you need a steady flow of qualified prospects that you can turn into clients. That is why Evan’s first major investment in his new business was spent hiring our team to develop and implement a lead generation pipeline.

So how do you develop a pipeline? Well, it starts with a good quality website. Most digital leads will touch your website at some point, so making sure it is well engineered and designed with lead generation in mind is a must. Not every website is created equally. That is why Evan Marken reached out to our team. We have extensive experience in developing conversion optimized website solutions for attorneys. Working closely with Evan, we planned and designed a website that not only looks fantastic but also has subtle built in funnels designed to guide potential customers through the trust building process. When hiring a legal professional potential prospects need to develop a certain level of trust before they pick up the phone and give you a call.

Marken Law Group Website

In addition to an engaging user experience, the Marken Law Group website also has an extremely robust tracking system. Every click, action, form submission, and telephone call is carefully tracked all the way back to the marketing source that drove that prospect to the website. This allows for granular optimization of all marketing efforts to maximize the number and quality of the leads that are being sourced through the website.

Our team is able to take this data and continually optimize the website and improve the ad campaigns to attract and convert more leads. With a comprehensive strategy designed around reaching customers that are currently in-market for Evan’s particular services, we’re able to be very specific with our messaging; producing a large number of prospects from a very reasonable budget. Furthermore, with the tracking and analytics in place we’ve also been able to consistently grow the number of prospects arriving at the website, and the number of leads making contact month after month!

If you would like to learn more about Evan and the Marken Law Group visit them on their new Zipline designed website at If you would like to talk more about a similar campaign for your law firm or business contact us.

Ryan Stemkoski

Ryan Stemkoski

Ryan is a Creative Technologist at Zipline Interactive. He has over 15 years of experience planning, designing, developing, deploying, and marketing websites and mobile applications for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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