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Official Spokane Addy Awards Website Launch


The Addy Awards is the annual awards event of the Spokane Chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF). The Addys is the premiere advertising event of the region. Winners go on to compete at a national level.

In the past, the Spokane Chapter of the AAF simply had a post on the main website that featured winners. But with so much information to share about the event, it made sense to create a microsite for the event to handle both pre- and post-event information.

We’ve been working with the Spokane Chapter of the AAF since November to build a WordPress website to promote this annual event. This year, the theme is 007/James Bond. The design reflects the event theme. The main goal of the website is to help people get information quickly and in an organized fashion. So far, the Spokane Chapter of the AAF has received over 400 entries for this year’s awards show.

Check out the site here. If this microsite looks like something you’d like to showcase your endeavors, contact us– we don’t charge for consultations.


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