Spokane Symphony Wins 2 Orchestra Website Awards

Symphony Website AwardFor the second straight year we are proud to announce that the Zipline Interactive designed Spokane Symphony website has taken home awards from the Orchestra Website Review. Each year, a committee reviews all of the major orchestra websites in the United States and gives awards for the websites that are best performing in each of 6 categories.

This year, the Spokane Symphony received top honors in the Performance Schedule and the Functionality categories as well as special recognition in the Making Donations category. The success of the Spokane Symphony website is especially notable because Annie Matlow and her team have outperformed many of their counterparts in major markets while operating with a much smaller budget.

We are very proud of the success of the Spokane Symphony website and really enjoy working with the Spokane Symphony team each season. For more information on the specific awards please read below for comments from the committee:

Category 1: Performance Schedule
The Spokane Symphony shows just how flexible calendar widgets are by using theirs to display a large amount of info for each event along with several action buttons and a list of additional performances.

Category 3: Making Donations
The only smaller budget groups to earn the maximum available points for this category included Orchestra Iowa and Spokane Symphony and for that alone, they deserve special recognition.

Category 6: Functionality
The Spokane Symphony earns another award for a very simple but effective design that incorporates a series of “Plan Your Evening” links in the left sidebar that display shortcuts to related items such as parking, dining, accommodations, and tickets together on the homepage. In short, it’s all the stuff patrons usually hop onto a website for at the last minute or when initially planning a night out.

Visit the Spokane Symphony Website | Donate to the Spokane Symphony

Ryan Stemkoski

Ryan Stemkoski

Ryan is a Creative Technologist at Zipline Interactive. He has over 15 years of experience planning, designing, developing, deploying, and marketing websites and mobile applications for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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