Sterling Crane Mats Website Launch

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Sterling Crane and Access Mats is a division of Sterling Lumber. Sterling Lumber has become a multi-faceted company that provides products and services to the Transmission & Power Distribution, Oil & Gas, Wind, Coal, Hydropower and Geothermal, Heavy Construction and Steel industries. They ship worldwide and offer CSF Certified lumber.

Zipline has been working with Sterling Lumber since the summer of 2014 to build three websites, one for each division of the company: the Crane and Access Mats division, Midwest Access Solutions, and the Crates, Pallets, and Lumber division. Previously, all three divisions were present online via a single website. The website was, in a word, massive. To make finding what the end user wanted to find as easy as possible, we’ve split up the company’s huge selection into three websites. It was an enormous endeavor, but well worth the effort in the end.

For the Crane and Access Mats division, Sterling wanted a new website that was responsive and that presented information in an easy-to-read way. We’ve accomplished this in part by utilizing our own ZLCMS, a CMS built by Zipline that can be customized for anything. The ZLCMS is so easy to use that you don’t need professional assistance to update it. Our ZLCMS designs are always clear, sleek, and responsive by default, so your business’ site can be viewed on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Sterling Lumber’s Crane and Access Mats division has also boosted their investment of a new website by adding a custom SEO and SEM package. We’ve utilized SEO best practices throughout the new website’s building process, in part by optimizing keywords throughout the website’s copy. We’ll also be performing SEO and SEM tasks for them and providing monthly reporting with industry insights. This way, Sterling Lumber’s Crane and Access Mats division can see the best ROI for their investment in their new website for far longer than a traditional, ‘fast and good enough’ approach.

Check out the new site at If this looks like something you’d like to see for your growing industrial company, please contact us– we don’t charge for consultations.


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