Zipline Develops Custom E-Commerce Solution for Reliant Beverage Co.


Reliant Beverage Co. is a subsidiary of Revalesio, a therapeutic biotechnology company in Tacoma, WA. Reliant Beverage Company sells a unique product called Recovery Water. This water is infused with nanobubbles. The unique properties of the infused water help people recover faster and to perform better – whether you’re a professional athlete, avid enthusiast, or simply trying to stay active and healthy.

Since July, we’ve worked with Reliant Beverage Co. to build and design a new, custom, responsive e-commerce website through which to sell their Recovery Water. Previously, Reliant was using Volusion. Volusion is a great e-commerce platform but unfortunately it wasn’t a good fit because Reliant Beverage Co. has very specific e-commerce needs. These needs are primarily centered around the ability for their customers to create and manage subscriptions for consistent delivery of the Reliant Recovery Water. Users are able to sign up for a subscription or just purchase one case at a time.

In addition, the product needs to remain cold. This requirement creates very specific and custom shipping quote needs that don’t apply to most businesses. In order for the product to maintain temperature and therefore keep its nanobubbles, each package must be delivered within 2 days or less. Zipline created a custom e-commerce solution that automatically researches what shipping options are available based on the user’s address and filters out anything not expected to arrive at their location within a 2-day window.

The site went live on November 15th. Check out If this sounds like something you’d like for your e-commerce company, contact us– we don’t charge for consultations.


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