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Greater Spokane Incorporated has been working to build a strong economy since 1881.

Greater Spokane Incoporated (GSI) represents over 1,200 businesses and 100,000 individuals who live, work, and do business in the greater-Spokane region. With the goal of creating something greater for the Spokane region, GSI connects businesses to valuable relationships and resources, drives initiatives, and advocates for businesses.

GSI hired Zipline to bring unified voice to the many websites GSI owns and operates. With a large network of websites serving a variety of target audiences, creating a unified experience is no easy task but our team was up for the challenge.

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Our websites power an entire economy.

The GSI network of websites connects over 1,200 businesses to critical resources.

Join GSI

A campaign powered micorsite designed to help attract and convert new members.

Greater Spokane

The organizational website designed to promote programs, events, and memberships.

Advantage Spokane

An informational site focused on economic development and bringing new businesses to the region.

Spokane STEM

A website dedicated to promotion of area STEM initiatives and programs in the Inland Northwest.


We started by helping GSI target potential members.

Lead generation is what we do best and we helped GSI develop a full online/offline campaign.


Next we created a website to send the leads to.

The Join GSI online experience helps showcase the benefits of membership to potential members.


The JoinGSI website was designed from the ground-up for lead generation and conversion optimization.

The JoinGSI website is the centerpiece of a large scale member recruitment effort from Greater Spokane Incorporated. This website was carefully designed to entice incoming prospects from TV advertisements, billboards, online advertisements, and other media into signing up for a membership or sample member event.

This website uses an innovative information and video driven funnel strategy that helps to inform and inspire potential prospects.

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Then we improved the entire member experience.

With over 1,200 member businesses and 100,000+ users the GSI website has to wear a lot of hats.

  • Full Responsive Mobile Support

    The GSI website is entirely responsive. Supporting phones, tablets, and desktops.

  • Direct Integration with CRM

    GSI uses a robust CRM to power events, registrations, members, and a variety of other tools. We integrated it directly.

  • Detailed Analytical Tracking

    A robust set of tracking tools are used including Google Analytics and call tracking.

  • Complete SEO Optimization

    Our skilled team works monthly to help our skilled team works monthly to help search.


After that we recruited more businesses.

We helped Advantage Spokane build a website that targets outside companies looking to relocate.


Advantage Spokane is a division of GSI that works tirelessly to bring new businesses and locations to the Spokane area.

Previously, the information regarding this critical program was buried deep in the GSI website. We worked with GSI and Advantage Spokane to extract this information and then used it to build a brand new website experience, designed exclusively for site planners and businesses considering relocation to Spokane.

The new website provides a host of tools designed to help site planners find the information they need to move businesses to Spokane.

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Adding new businesses means more jobs to fill.

With local businesses growing and others relocating to Spokane, workforce development is a priority.

Having a skilled workforce is critical to our region and training the next generation is a priority for GSI.

The STEM Network is an action-oriented partnership among multiple organizations within a defined geographic area, working toward a common goal of increasing student success in STEM. This community-based strategy engages schools, businesses, governments, and other stakeholders to drive innovation and improvements in STEM teaching and learning at a systems level.

Zipline worked with the team at GSI and Spokane STEM to develop a robust website to help facilitate this mission.

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Websites are great, but we don’t just create websites. We create business tools that get results.

  • 36% increase in organic traffic

    Through better design and search engine optimization, GSI has seen a significant increase in relevant organic traffic.

  • 67% increase in mobile usage

    Mobile usage is up everywhere and GSI has seen a major increase in continued mobile use with the help of a network of responsive sites.

  • Centralized content management

    Centralizing content management using our ZLCMS system allows GSI to save time and money by sharing content, plugins, and tools between the various GSI websites.

At Zipline, the success of a project is not judged on whether it wins design awards, instead our success is gauged on whether we help our customer do business better, more efficiently, and more profitably.

We are driven to create websites that save businesses time and money while helping them make more time and money. This unique focus helps our clients grow their businesses. We love to see our clients growing quickly because it means more work for us and more money for the economy.

Helping GSI use the web better has allowed us to do just that. Helping GSI grow has helped Zipline and the greater Spokane region grow.

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