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Trust Point Products

TrustPoint Products is a manufacturer of products designed to make lives easier.

TrustPoint was founded by Mike Standlee who is well known for his role as the founder of the largest domestic forage agribusiness in the United States, Standlee Hay Company. The goal of TrustPoint is to develop and market products that make lives easier.

TrustPoint hired Zipline to develop a custom online strategy to market both TrustPoint Products and its KutzEZ™ product line.

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Two sites with one primary purpose.

KutzEZ and TrustPoint Products both got new websites designed to move product.

TrustPoint Products

A corporate website designed to showcase the various brands under management by TrustPoint Products and to help facilitate sales through each product website.


A Shopify powered microsite designed to help sell KutzEZ products to distributors and to consumers.


We started with TrustPoint Products.

An all new website powered by Shopify and designed to reach potential new dealers worldwide.

TrustPoint Products is a manufacturer of innovative products for everyday use.

As a brand new company, TrustPoint knew building a dealer network would be critical to its success. TrustPoint hired Zipline Interactive to design a website that would attract, inform, and convert potential new dealers. Together, we designed a created tool that helps TrustPoint reach and retain new dealers for their product lines.

TrustPoint has a number of product lines in development. The website was carefully designed to be able to flex and expand to support those new product lines as they are brought to market.

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Then KutzEZ™ got full e-commerce capabilities.

An all new website powered by Shopify and designed to sell KutzEZ™ products to dealers & consumers.

The KutzEZ™ virtually eliminates accidental injury when opening boxes, cartons, packages, bags and much more!

Getting a new product like the KutzEZ™ to market is not an easy task. With an innovative product like the KutzEZ™, you have to help customers find it, understand it, and feel comfortable taking a chance on something that is new and different.

The new Zipline designed website for KutzEZ™ helps to achieve this difficult task. It showcases the product, provides detailed information on how the product works, and makes it quick and easy for consumers to purchase. The entire experience is powered by Shopify and comes completely search engine optimized by our expert team.

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You can even customize your KutzEZ™ online./h1>

Add your product name or company logo to your order of KutzEZ ™ knives online.

Online customization of KutzEZ ™ products allows consumers to custom design their knives just the way they want them.

The KutzEZ™ product customizer allows customers to choose their ideal color then add text or a logo in multiple ink colors. Now, companies can easily create store branded products or corporate giveaways on the fly. The tool provides a real-time preview of the customized knife as well as the ability to review and approve the entire customization.

The online-based visual editing tool packages up the customizations and attaches them as part of the order allowing the customized knives to be easily printed, shipped, and delivered.

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Websites are great, but we don't just create websites. We create business tools that get results.

  • Dealer sign-up and review

    A simple and user friendly process allows potential dealers to apply online with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Full e-commerce capabilities

    Both websites are custom designed and built on top of the Shopify e-commerce platform allowing for robust e-commerce capabilities.

  • Simple order management

    Orders and customizations are all collected and easily pushed to the distribution center.

At Zipline, the success of a project is not judged on whether it wins design awards, instead our success is gauged on whether we help our customer do business better, more efficiently, and more profitably.

We are driven to create websites that save businesses time and money while helping them make more time and money. This unique focus helps our clients grow their businesses. We love to see our clients growing quickly because it means more work for us and more money for the economy.

Helping TrustPoint launch KutzEZ™ has done just that. In a short timeframe we have been able to do multiple projects for the same growing company.

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