Visual Orthodontics
Visual Orthodontics

Visual Orthodontics is an extremely innovative practice management system designed exclusively for Orthodontists.

In the world of software, everyone says they’re innovative. Visual Orthodontics is truly far ahead of the competition. With a long list of features including being the first touch based system, the first system to introduce 3D alignment mapping, the only system to offer a complete included secure portal, and the only system designed for seamless cloud operation.

These great features sell themselves, but Visual Orthodontics needed a way to get this fantastic product in front of orthodontists. This was a task our team was excited to help them tackle.

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Let’s talk results. How did we do?

Sure, the new logo and website look great. But did they really help?

Since the implementation of the new branding and website for Visual Orthodontics, the results have been off the chart.

We have tracked a significant increase in every key metric. The most impressive is the 300% increase in new leads with an over 2X increase in closed deals. This means we’re not only helping to find leads but we’re finding great ones.

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Those are amazing results. How did we do it?

Results like these don’t just happen. They take a lot of planning and hard work.

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    Re-envisioned Messaging
    We developed a new sales message that better resonated with orthodontists.
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    Complete Re-branded
    From the logo to the tradeshow booth we updated everything to use the new messaging.
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    Lead Generation Focused Website
    We updated the entire online experience to focus on meeting the needs of our target audience.
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    Added SEO and Inbound Marketing
    We updated the entire online experience to focus on meeting the needs of our target audience.
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Let’s take a deeper look at the website and SEO.

The lead generation-focused website is the key of the Visual Orthodontics marketing strategy.

A website designed with SEO and conversion optimization at the core.

When we embarked on this website project, we knew that the ability to attract and convert leads was crucial to its success.

The entire Visual Orthodontics website has been carefully engineered using the latest SEO and conversion optimization techniques to attract and convert more leads.

Get results like these
  • +300%

  • +350%

  • +200%

  • -38%

  • +450%


Could you use 300% more leads?

Our team was able to do a great job for Visual Orthodontics. We can help you too.

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